I stumbled across this treasure of photographs on LIFE MAGAZINE'S website of historical events - this one being the ALL STATES PICNIC in Ontario, California in 1948. Allan Grant, one of LIFE MAGAZINE'S top photographers, managed to capture over 70 candid and semi candid photo's of the picnic. I took an immediate interest to this on so many levels. First of all, Euclid Avenue in Ontario, California - I must have driven up and down this street over a thousand times in my lifetime. It falls into a local hometown genre category - In these pictures I can see in their faces, my parents, my aunts and uncles, my grandparents and a time in life where it was a simple, moral time in America. Sure the 1940's had it's share of problems, but the people were overall - good, wholesome. These photographs captured so much. Regarding Allan Grant the photographer, aside from his iconic photographs in LIFE MAGAZINE he also managed to capture other subjects like CRAWFORD'S EL MONTE GRAND OPENING and MOVING TO LA PUENTE - 1957- again both very local places to me and my life... Ironically, I found a picture of the badge from that 1948 picnic that everyone wore. It was for sale on Ebay, so I copied the image and added to this site. Also noted on the  THE DAVID ALLEN BLOG There are a couple photo's at full size just to enjoy the detail. If you look close you can see everyone wearing this badge. Hope you enjoy viewing our local history!  Enjoy! Gary Cliser